Friday, April 14, 2017

the judgement

i wrap myself in the tatters of my spirit
and go uncovered before the assembly 
a harlot revealed in the presence of the elders
face black with the ashes of run kohl
are these the tears of shame or devastation?

"these are your sins
fornication & licentiousness 
adultery in heart and mind

you have burned yeast and honey
baked cakes to the lady
drunk the blood of beasts

you have laid, 
not only with husbands 
but with the lepers
and are known to kiss their sores

you have touched the red kite
and the cormorant 
the horned owl you have buried
and it flew again

your adulteries steeped 
in the blood of your womb
and you lay before gods 
of your own devising

you steal and lie 
in polyester dresses
and adorn your skin with ink
black as your own heart

furthermore, this a holy day
and still your heart seeks revenge
like water in the desert"

these are the sins,
and this is the judgement:

that by my filthied hands
the one i love is put to death

i cast the first stone and the last
from impure look to unclean deed
and by my stones is true love beaten down
inch by gasping bloody inch

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