Saturday, September 10, 2016

getting there

l'achi achuvi 

the mountains will melt away under him
and the valleys will be broke open
like wax before a candle flame
like waters down the steep canyonside
like my heart confronted by yours

has darkness fallen?
not yet, my own heart

light still pollutes the evening sky
like the taste of a lie in your mouth

has night come? 
not yet my own love

but soon

the word came to me
and i could only speak it
the way it came over me
like a green flower tongue
like true love in deep cups

therefore will i make this place
broke stones in a meadow of solidago
a slope yet unplanted
fallow as my own body
fallow as your heart

wailing and sobbing
barefoot and naked
thus will i go
and we'll call it justice
the way things have gone

but in my iniquity
and in your sin laden despair
still, the word comes to me
and still i can only speak it
close against your ear
close as your heart
close as mine

not tempered in writing
not softened with sweet

darkness comes
darkness falls
and if you can't see
that's the darkness
my own sweet heart
the plunging night
of sunless ashblacked sky

storm swirls
still i speak
screaming in the wind

surely a remnant remains
surely these fields
are made for planting

(only take my hand)

this whirlwind 
twists turbulent

(coals burn our feet)

so still