Tuesday, June 14, 2016

call to pray

this is the city on the hill
the city of temptation
the seven gated torment

the city is a beacon and a light
the gold glints on the domes
the towers
the seven gates

this is the blind child
in a harlot's cape

the streets of the city are crowded
mazes on the hill
for your life you can buy eternity
a purse without a bottom
the heart of a virgin
the book of joy

and the men in the market
jostle her one way and another
she tastes bruised fruit
and hears the bells that call to pray

the first gate is love
second, hope
third, safety
fourth, piety
fifth, self
six, compassion
seventh, life

what will you give
for hope?

look, the guards at the gate say
piety shines in their hands
they do not see her blindness

what will you give to see?

she is bruised like the fruit
she tastes the dust in the street
and hears the bells
that call to pray

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