Wednesday, June 29, 2016


the brief midsummer downpour
offers fleeting relief
a line from you

a land without rain ii

i crave the rain
like i crave the release of your body

we dig in the anemic brown dust
raped of richness by the endless sun
and it swirls in clouds around me
stinging in my eyes
begging for even one tear

the wind blows, occasionally
brings the sticky scent of moisture
taunting my breath
my body taught with need for it
but no rain comes

and we dig
enough graves for all my lovers

and the dust swirls

how long oh Lord
how long?

a land without rain

the earth is poison here
breaking us even as we break it
from the infected air to the undead trees
this is a fragile age
a glimpse of the beauty that was
and the horror that is to come

in a land without rain
oh Lord have mercy

when the storm comes 
to wash this all away
pray for my children, angels of God

they have tasted death at the dinner table
every day of their small lives
and yet they have the innocence of sparrows
and those too will be felled

here in the last days of a land without rain

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


in this land without rain
Lord have mercy
how the grass grows when it's dead
i don't know but
Lord have mercy

on this mind without rest
Lord have mercy
does he feel me reach?
i don't know but
Lord have mercy
on this heart without balm
Lord have mercy
how the world turns
i don't know but
Lord have mercy

Friday, June 24, 2016


if then there is to be consolation
let it be this: the wound will never heal
and you will carry this pain
like stones in your pocket
until your dying day.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

the water and the blood

i have been tempted
walked this wilderness
from one horizon to the other
and seen every false god
from canaan to time square

and i have bowed down
in the temples of dead eyed statues
i have prayed to the wind
and kissed the thighs of every
goddess prostitute
until i tasted salt 

i have seen magic men
cast down their staffs
showing me marvels
showing me rivers of blood

i have eaten the meat
of wicked men
and knocked on every tree
in that sacred glade
and i have walked
the soles off my feet

and now, i have walked this whole way
to tell you:

i can taste the difference
in between the water and the blood

a torch towards water

i fell
the darkness came up
and like a torch towards water
i went down

my own end racing airborne
up to catch me 

i screamed
without sound
i'd left my air above

and reached:
caught wood
slowed my fall
split my skin 

the wood of this tree
in the blood
the blood
in the tree
and there was solid ground


the dead god hangs in state
his yet cold body 
embalmed in gold
by the careful hands
of the women he loved

on the altar, 
throw up light
and tallow soot
onto to those feet
i kissed a thousand times

the polished precious flesh
a wise god and a cold one
look how he regards you
the glass eyed stare
of perfect death

your prayer your sacrifice
a thousand broken hearts 
the blood that gives this idol

but look:
how corpses go
the gold on wood
that splits with rot
until the dead heart
breaks its cavity
and from the fertile earth
a blood red tree

call to pray

this is the city on the hill
the city of temptation
the seven gated torment

the city is a beacon and a light
the gold glints on the domes
the towers
the seven gates

this is the blind child
in a harlot's cape

the streets of the city are crowded
mazes on the hill
for your life you can buy eternity
a purse without a bottom
the heart of a virgin
the book of joy

and the men in the market
jostle her one way and another
she tastes bruised fruit
and hears the bells that call to pray

the first gate is love
second, hope
third, safety
fourth, piety
fifth, self
six, compassion
seventh, life

what will you give
for hope?

look, the guards at the gate say
piety shines in their hands
they do not see her blindness

what will you give to see?

she is bruised like the fruit
she tastes the dust in the street
and hears the bells
that call to pray