Wednesday, May 25, 2016

blue pool

this is not the new country
not the lands of waking

here every inhaled breath
of chemical pollen air
sends my head spinning
to visions, to song

every drop of blood
a sacrifice
worth its shine in rubies
either from bird bite or saw blade

the wind presses veiled worlds together
close as the curled petals
of magenta yellow fancy tulips
look sideways

see the past, the future
old loves new

the blackbird here never touched the sun
and if she touches him
he shines a rainbow of blue pool

he drinks from the pond
gives to me one omen
before flying east to find
new news

here the ground is raw
bleeding old things
when broken open with a spade

in the garden, i peel off my
sweat stuck skin
and mixing red dirt with rain
apply an ointment
to the broken bits of soul

by dusk the air is thick
with black bugs and spirits
the clay has dried and flaked
left my soul scarred silver

i shiver
pull the falling dark around me
and lay down with dead men

through the grape vines
the stars spin madly overhead
moving across
the seventeen sided heavens

yesterday's corpses keep me close
warding off the dew chill

Sunday, May 1, 2016


bodies betray
there was a hole in my head
a gape
where once a wisdom tooth
rotted to soft brown powder
'that's right sweetheart'
the oral surgeon said
'nice and easy.
won't even hurt'

so there was a hole
in my head
where something was
and then was not

that was last week,
the week before.
now i run my tongue
along smooth pink gum
no pain, no ache
just wholeness

as though nothing was lost

bodies betray
healing resiliently, they lie
scars fade
muscles strengthen
until facing the light
they say
'we are whole

bodies betray