Saturday, April 30, 2016

vampire skylight

vampire skylight
midnight rain
through the ceiling's
blue gauze moon gate
city cloud cover orange
turned smoke pollution grey
the hush of falling water
no traffic

Thursday, April 21, 2016

sazerac ii

when the light is gone
leaving me only embers
and ash
and the high is gone
i cannot name the colour
of this sunless sky
only say
eternity is bleak
ever present
utterly ordained


vampire past twilight
he drags on the dying embers
rotten cherry cigarette
and looks at the full moon
how it reflects death back at him
relishes this moment of mortality
this last glimpse of sun
in the fading blue of nightening sky
as brief and true as the absinthe rinse
on yesterdays sazerac

what is longed for
cannot be realised
what is lived
never dreamed

late april haiku

while cherry blossoms rot and fall
i think of you
my cho fu sa love