Sunday, March 20, 2016

Palm Sunday

it is early for rejoicing
2:41 in the morning
and the darkest hour
is always before dawn

outside my window
night moves
so fast as to be still
darkness carrying darkness

Palm Sunday
1:35 am 
i lay on the floor
the breath crushed out of me
i screamed

the agony was being alone
as though in a garden
but the end,
whatever end
was no where in sight

i swore once,
as lovers do
(i'll love you forever
only you
i'll never desert you)
and meant it
in my heart

imagine a man
kissing his beloved
and saying:
i love you forever
i'll never betray you

he meant that, too

we pile up broken promises
broken hearts
broken minds
a land fill trash heap tomb
and we are buried

darkness on darkness
on darkness

we cannot imagine day,
much less see it lighten in the east

but yet
Palm Sunday
1:53 am

i shave my head
dishonourably discharged
little gay sister of a buzz cut
and the hair floats down
like dust and pollen
on everything

number the grains of sand,
or the stars
and that's half the promises
i broke
half that you broke

we are a broken covenant people

but at 2:48 am
Palm Sunday
seven days
endless unknown hours

into one promise:
one tomb:
one dawn
invisible in the east
at 2:50 am
and yet so seen 

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