Monday, March 21, 2016

Megale Deutera

look, love
your hand
slick with blood,
with mud and sweat

here we are,
the both of us together
deep in the hellish dark
fell voices swirl around us
in a stone sharp wind
and the cold is bone deep

but take my hand love
grip hard
find the traction of skin,
under the slime

and cleave to me
my love

for step by treacherous step
up the slipping stairs
wet with their blood rain
we will go

my hand in yours
yours in mine
and us in the dark

so we will ascend
bound together
by the strength of hands
the strength of hearts
the fear
of endless dark

step by
impossible step
we will ascend
until we see the light

together in a pale dusk
the near dawn

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