Thursday, November 19, 2015

a nightmare in the morning

a/n: verse two is paraphrasing Tolkien in The Return of the King, or the movie the Two Towers. The poem and the first verse should be credited in part to S.

this was the dream my mother had,
a nightmare in the morning:
shallow waves washed over the lawn
casting dead men on the shores
of the parking lot

this was the dream a maiden had
a nightmare in the morning,
she stood on the crest of a high black wave
and its shadow fell on all the lands
and blotted out the sun

this was the dream the child had
a nightmare in the morning,
a wall of water, crashing over a toy town
killed the one real man inside
and the roar of water covered her cries.

this is the dream the woman had,
a nightmare in the morning
shallow waves washed up on the beach
and him, salt water kissing his cold skin,
on the hard shores of that cold land

water is a thieving god
and a trickster one

he hears our prayers
our unqualified cries for mercy
and gives it to us, indecently
throwing back the shadows
of what we used to love
with the driftwood and dead fish

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