Monday, September 21, 2015

the unspeakable silence of her heart

her heart was without form,
and darkness was on the face of the deep

h'lev shelha hiyitah tohu va vohu
(this is to say, it was wasteland)

and his spirit moved
over the face of her heart

v'ruachu m'rakhefet al p'neh h'lev shelha
(this is to say, there would be light)

in the beginning.

and in the end?

after the walls fell

biqqash'ti et she'ahavah naf'shi
biqqash'tiv v'lo m'tsativ
(that is to say, the walls fell)

the fountain is dry,
no matter what they say
rooms swirl with emptiness
imagined breeze shifts dust
long congealed on curtains like loosed shrouds

the guards are long gone
the last verse taken with them
no wounds heal
no walls stand

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