Wednesday, September 30, 2015

scarborough fair

God and i
are playing chicken

(women are in the image of Christ.
we know where it's at.
men are in the image of Him
and He is just as immature as them)

He wants to see how bad he can hurt me
wants me to flinch first
wants to declare:
look - not even one was faithful to the end
not even one

He has sent plagues against my house
sowed strife, dissent, chaos
there have been speeding cars
truant officers
and He tried exiling me to the outer reaches of siberia

He has gone to the Wisdom Seat
the Lady wears His crown
while He goes walking in the garden
She wears it with some insouciance
She knows what that smile does
He has said, "the girl you gave me
the slave girl you gave me in your stead
that one is trouble"

and She shrugs
She smiles
She dangles the crown from one finger
"do you want it back yet?" She says
"i'm missing the sunset"

i do not flinch
i have the marks to prove it
i will stand between the salt water and the wet sand
i will dress my Lord in a shirt
all of one piece
and bleed on both the ocean and the beach
and in the end
He will see
that one is faithful
that women never fled the cross

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