Thursday, September 10, 2015

star girl

They gave to me the strength of many nations
like ishamel, They made me
the cast off of great men and kings

my hand is my Lord's
he who i strike,
he falls dead to the ground
and it is on me
but he who i raise up
is lifted by a strong arm
to walk in light
and the glory is my Lord's

waking, my spirit wakes
when i walk in the sun,
it is the shadow of my Lord that is cast
all my good deeds belong to him

and yet
and yet,
an exile in this land
only the child chosen from among them
an orphan to sit at the table
to eat the crumbs of my Lord's children 

for i have done great things
and terrible things
marks were cut, into my skin
onto the brow of my head
that the world could look, and see
she is a slave,
and she has done terrible things

they put this star
here, on my forehead
that it might give light
and give warning

and though my hands have raised up the sick
enouraged the weary
given bread to the hungry
comforted the prisoner
my lips kissed only the dead
the lives i loved, i lost
though many times the stranger lived

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