Monday, March 23, 2015


in the beginning, there was darkness
and a shadow moved over the face of the deep.

it was kind a of a fixer upper, honestly
but it had a lot of character

so the Lord separated the darkness from the light
the waters above had to be completely redone
but the waters below were okay

the Lord made dry land
and ocotopuses, and elephants
which were both pretty good ideas, honestly

the Lord had house guests,
the Lady had let them in in the dead of night
they were broken souls
they didn't have shoes
they didn't even have bodies
but the Lady said they could have the guest room anyway

(this was so that house guests would be sacred,
and Mary would have a place to stay
on the road to egypt)

the Lady thought butterflies would be a nice touch,
so the Lord made butterflies
and roses, as an anniversary present.
He also made stars.

the order was a bit messed up.

when everything was ready,
the Lord took clay
the red kind, that would one day make alabama
and He made bodies,
so that His guests could touch
taste the mangoes, and the blackberries
and feel His breath on their skin

He took them, and put them into the bodies
the bodies, which He had made for them

'here,' He said
'these are the bodies I have made for you
this is the garden,
and there is the sea.

you are broken things.
you came in the night, and were in pieces
this is the world
which I have renovated for you.

there is salt, and honey, for wounds
there is deep water and shallow water for your souls
all the things, here
these are the things that will heal you

because you came to Me in the night,
and were broken 

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