Saturday, February 14, 2015

black veil blues #2

the dark watches of the night
my neighbours party hard
shuffle thump thump bang
nearly a scream

my scream echoes empty
empty words on empty rooms
you walked the floor once,
in my mind
walked rooms visible only to the heart's eye
leaving footprints like my soul
was wet cement
dark watches on a dark night

st valentine
patron saint of unmarked passings
yet i saw you pass
dark shade fleeing through a dark night
i marked you
saw you, reached
scorched my fingers on your shadow
til the pads were black with ash
pressed the prints to the wall
like it meant something

all i can say now is,
i am hear
stained fingers
smudged walls
i marked your passing
engraved you on my skin

the one i loved
he came this way,
and went again

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