Sunday, November 30, 2014

pick it up

A/N: Thank you to S. for putting in the line breaks for me. 

she dropped a beat somewhere early in this slate sky early late winter day

and forgot in all the chaos to pick it back up

half eight and she's banging down on her boyfriend's door,

man, don't you know this kid ain't gonna drive herself to school?

and the beat pulses in her pocket like a dead man's missing heart

while he shuffles sleepy and sheepish looking for shoes

one two one two one two and

the way the world spins turns whirls

(faster than men's heads when she come by in those jeans)

drops her from where she was dropping off her daughter

pico de gallo burrito warm kiss on cold air

at tzaricha cama devar?

ken aval ma?

and she hit the ground,

less like an egg hits the floor -

with all the urgency and bruises of a lockdown drill -

and less of the shatter of glass on pavement but more like

one two one two one


one two

and can't shake that sick feeling of something lost forever

she's choking on her own thoughts by four

like they're dry swallowed pills,

dry heave at the bitter taste and constricted throat

and the world, it don't care if she wanna get off

the cold is forever, she says

because in hell even permanence be some comfort to the damned

cold is forever, she says

gulps down ice like ocean death like nicotine like that kiss she can't have

one two one two

slam of horns slam of breaks loss of light loss of life

spin like you want a simple gift

spin til you outspin the sick stomach and spin again until you drop break fall

on your knees with your hands in the air the only way the world gonna take you

don't bother

don't even front

ain't no other way

and don't say that hard cold gravel pavement frozen ground wet grass don't feel

a little bit like redemption soakin through your stockings don't don't even


like a dropped penny it's there

in the grass

on your knees

hands up

only way you take the world


one two

one two one two one two

pick it up child


one two one two one two one two ...

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