Friday, July 4, 2014

summer rains

in the august heat
i sit, shirtless on the stoop
drink cocktails
beer from the bottle
and watch the summer rains

they come down like no godly thing
sky split and split again with lightning
sounds greater than the human mind
crack me open
skull to cunt
and while i spill onto the flooded pavement
my spirit sees things
that would have driven even ezekiel mad
even daniel to the point of madness

blood, red and thick and dark
splatters over and over onto the blacktop
and i watch
until the parking lot is slick with all our sin
punished and cleansed
all at once
a butcher's floor and
isaac on the alter

continents blur like blood clots
edges losing definition
melting into the swirl of bloody brine
and i watch
africa swirl into america
swirl into nothing but swirl
as a great whirpool pulls it all in

i see the blood
pools and puddles on the pavement
deep puddles, out of which
you can only just see the bare bones of children
exposed in the rain
which washes it all away
and yet cleanses nothing
until it's only water
bitter salt
at all this waste
all this wrack and ruin

until he dries his tears
and looks away
from the one puddle
this one bowl of blood
to a myriad of many puddles
splashed across the parking lot
shiny clean and new
a million million witch's worlds
to try again

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