Saturday, May 18, 2013

blood hymn

my God
likes him some destruction
sodom and gommorah style

He says
you gotta beat 'em
til they stop moving
and then some

only though blood
and broken bodies
on the far side
of that all too carnal war

only there
is His joy
and your salvation

and His angels
have scars
that are mountains and valleys

and they count them
like blessings

but i said,
and i said
something about flies
and vinegar

and i said
can't you cut them
some slack ?
some fucking slack

and i wasn't really talking about
syria, or cancer, or anything
just about you

some fucking slack,
i said
some things are fragile
breakable, you know
handle with care
with fucking care,

and He said
but isn't it neat
how many directions
the shards fly in
when they shatter?

and i said yeah,
and get stuck in my foot
i said
get stuck in my fucking foot

(He smiled,
at that)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

regrets or no

if i could inject you
into my skin like a drug
i would

nothing as insincere
and lifeless
as tuberculin
bubbling up
and fading fast

you were more like
the brief joy
of heroin

that left me aching
broken and restless
when it was gone

but still,
i would
put that needle to my arm

would be this:
for you to be the ink
in my tattoos

and inseperable

as close to my heart
as death
and as silent

to carry
regrets or no
into the grave

and on