Saturday, March 23, 2013

Easter eggs

we see
capital S
shared across
our kitchen table
sacred altar
of my life
our life(s)

he sees
the face of God

and it hurts
to be denied that way
child chosen
over her who'd be
His lover

he trances
ketchup smeared
halfway through
smiley fries
and a veil
soon to be ripped

the egg, he says
seeing God
as he draws it
ketchup smeared
construction paper
eyes wide
to see my
jealous soul
the basket
full of eggs

(eggs from what?
i don't know
about the fauna
in that land)

and God's
cruciform face
set into
the yolk
a crowning stone
of glories come
a sun
never to set

our family
also eating fries
knows better
than to ask

and i fold
my jealousy
like a losing hand
give thanks
for God
in a garden
of Easter eggs