Saturday, February 4, 2012

the easy out

and just when
you thought you'd failed

lay in the ashes
of your own apparent ruins
putting embers out
on the pads of your fingers
and searching for
the easy out

redemption comes swelling

courses through
like the tide over sand
swells through your body

leaves you
now truly destroyed

on the brink of strength


  1. Trying again to leave my comment, which disappeared itself the first time, but said something like this: AWWWWWWsum you are AWsum and i mean it this really is IT for me and you are really good at this

    or something like that!

  2. yeah it's eating all my comments today. = ( john left one too. thanks guys!

  3. I'm impressed. Love that change of tense in the middle - this is what was, then, suddenly, this is what IS. "Truly destroyed and on the brink of strength" is an insight many people never manage.

  4. Kink can be so enlightening.