Friday, January 13, 2012

chipped paint

she looks
at the power
under her broken fingernails
and the chipped paint
that was silver

at the broken world
she could mend

fuck it
she says
putting out
someone else's cigarette

she goes back inside
turns on the tv

today she'll be like you


  1. To me, holy ground -- comprehending the paradox: the invincible might of weakness (John Milton), and the choice that's either surrender to His power or choose to refuse. Such wisdom in one so young in years. Thanks, brave heart...

  2. There are some wonderful details--the broken fingernails & chipped paint that "was silver. That's such a striking moment--& "someone else's cigarette," as well as "today she'll be like you"--like the ambiguity there--a "you" who is "offstage" as it were to us but central to the speaker--or "you as in "hypocrite lecteur"?

  3. I didn't see it when I first read this, but on rereading I suspect "Untitled" is a cleverly disguised political statement. Just my take on things.