Tuesday, January 3, 2012

last years

"there are no more last years,"
he tells me
"we're all out."
but he promises me
a hundred more new ones
after this

"last year."
she's obsessed
"remember last year?"
she asks
"we came here last year."
(last week)
"i remember," i say

"remember our wishes?"
she asks
"all last year's wishes are gone.
our last wish was a Christmas wish."

she doesn't say
if we get new ones
for this year


  1. Is this something like a "found poem?" It reads like an artistically controlled version of a very poignant conversation with two slightly confused children. With an important message for all of us, of course.

  2. It does seem an artfully constructed transcription--as per Mairi. I like this a lot, tho I must say I don't love the line "she's obsessed," as it tells us something that we would probably get anyway just by the repetition of her questions. Well done!

  3. Great so I'm plagarising the five year old...

    Hmm you mave a point John. She does it about a hundred times a day though so my view's a bit warped.