Tuesday, January 3, 2012

jasmine blooms

i imagine
God at His kitchen table
staring down
at universes spread like cards

seeing nothing good in His reading
He shakes His head
and with one deft magician's hand
sweeps them back into the deck

perhaps He'll try again
after tea
after His jasmine blooms


  1. I love this--a beautiful poem built with clear & striking images!

  2. So that's how God sees all and knows all. I did wonder. The imaginative leap that opens this is wonderful, and the flexibility of time in God's presence that closes it is beautifully done, gesturing, but not saying. Of course the two things he might try again after could be widely separated in time - his tea might be finished in half an hour and his jasmine might bloom in three days and he might look at the cards after both of them have happened, but proximity and the different nature of the two things make the reader see that time is flexible. At this kitchen table the jasmine opens just for the occasion of God's tea and the tea drinking expands to fill the blooming of the jasmine. If you see what I mean. All while the universes spread out before him wheel through space. What God sees is neatly - deftly -inserted between these two domestic moments but we are not privy to it, just to the intimacy of his looking.