Wednesday, August 31, 2011

warning signs

when the sign said
'road closed'
i stopped the car,
got out
and walked

hurricane days

my heart has swollen up like the river
left me in a state of perpetual anticipation

i check the mail, every day, early
clearly expecting something
more than change of address notes
more than coupons

i wait on floods that don't come
tie down lawn furniture.
at the supermarket,
we buy water and endless breakfast bars
but really, i'm not drawn to the canned goods aisle

hurricanes and earthquakes.
i could watch the world burn
and believe it's the end of days
but i'm too busy waiting

Saturday, August 27, 2011


i miss the bruises
where tiny stars exploded
under your skin

Thursday, August 25, 2011

cabin fever

winter comes early
here in the north
i think your body
lent me all my heat

and now you're gone
the flush has faded
left me cold

cabin fever, left untreated
spreads soon to the heart

which is to say,
i am freezing,
and afraid.

(please love me)

three a.m.

yes, you're right -
i have a heart.

and maybe
you're right
and it's broken

i'm afraid you might be right
a third time
and that
my heart is cold.

that being the case,
i can hardly ask to keep you warm

three a.m is unkind
the same old circling self doubt
and i don't call

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

the wrong choice

the witch's deck lay,
on the edge of a shelf
the faded cards
blue and white
casino pattern
no holes
and held together
with a stretched out black bauble

she watched them
too practical to think
that they watched her

and eventually made the wrong choice

the witch's cards
lay, spread
across the cherry stain floor
of her room
a horseshoe
pointing in directions
she didn't care to go


impregnated with black ink
my skin began to bloom
and bring forth fruit
truth like ripe pears