Friday, December 9, 2011

it rains

the pink pills washed down with the bottom of
any bottle
the dizzy dreams they induced
the way the white lines on the road
seized and twisted, looping back
to trap you in the tracks you took

and still you went on

peptobismol and monster from
was it a kangroo or a couche tard?
maybe it was an irving
but the buzz didn't clear your head
still your drove on
into a dawn that renewed you
a little

more coffee?
there's a woman that could
be your mother
but she's probably not
watches you with worried eyes
sets a plate in front of you and you
look away
but it smells better than you'd
imagined it would

thanks, you say
you look at the clock
with the birds
gotta hit the road soon,
you say

and you do

a pier, and salt wind, and sea
you're really dying this time
or maybe that's a hangover
you're really dying this time
but you don't so much mind
rotting seaweed and brine
this time this sunrise won't
save you
and the rotting salt stain wood
comes up at you
fall down
and it tastes like 
kissing a mermaid

someone far away sees

the bed
doesn't sit right
but maybe that's just so many nights
on couches or
asleep in the driver's seat
your skin cracks
twist, toss, turn
too hot and too cold and
the light changes too fast to
derive any meaning from it
laying still spins faster than moving
ever did
always thirsty
the glass of stagnant water's
almost always empty
not even half full

the stars on the ceiling glow
the sheets always smell clean
one day
it rains


  1. I love this--I have nothing profound to say, but it makes me very happy to read it!

  2. I love this. I have nothing profound to say but if I didn't know it was all in the past now, reading it would not make me very happy.
    I have no idea why people need recreational drugs when fever does such a good job of dislocating reality.

  3. Presumably because they aren't always sick. Thanks for reading dear.

  4. Nah. There must be a cheap and healthy way to induce a fever. Just a temporary one. A Friday night party fever with no Saturday morning hangover. Hell, you could have a hallucinogenic evening any day of the week with no workday repercussions. Someone should work on that.

  5. Something to do with your free time perhaps?

  6. Glad you like it! Thanks for reading !