Friday, November 11, 2011


and know
there is a black place
with stars
and it is your heart.


  1. My profound thoughts? I'm lukewarm on the concept of micropoetry as it see it executed on Twitter, but this is a real poem, micro or not. The slant rhyme of stars & heart is very nice.

  2. Having completely misread this piece - a result no doubt, of negative associations of my own - first time round, I've had to give these four little lines more thought, and more credit than I might have given something calling itself 'micro.' There's a vast expanse of warm, velvety darkness to fall into in these lines, illuminated by the corruscations - isn't that a lovely word? - of affection. I'd like to see them on my Valentine's Day Card.

  3. John - personally I think micropoetry is like anything else - it comes in good, bad, and utterly mundane.

    It is a nice rhyme isn't it? I hadn't noticed till you pointed it out. = )

    Mairi, thanks for your lovely commentary, now that you've got it sorted out.