Tuesday, July 19, 2011


unwieldy metaphor aside,
i'd turn the pages of your heart
lick the still beating blood of it from my fingers
turn again

(if this was your poem,
there wouldn't be any blood
but i don't doubt
love writes in blood)

and yes, i'd smile
don't i always smile?
smile, and turn away

but what is it
you always say?
(besides 'don't hide from me')
you always say,
'you know'

i know.


  1. I like the use of turning in this piece – turning pages, turning away. The whole poem is saved by that first line. If there was to be a list of things not to include in poems ‘hearts as books’, ‘still beating hearts’ and ‘blood’ in general would definitely be on mine. But you pull it off. With your tongue in your cheek I think. Now, how about a nice ironic title?

  2. thanks for your comment jim. i'm glad it works for you. = ) as you can imagine, the metaphor is not originally mine. it's a response to another poem. although i do like blood.