Tuesday, March 29, 2011

marie celeste

on saturdays you fall apart

well into a bottle of gin

you fragile sobbing thing

clinging to me like a cobweb

shattered sea glass

i can only console and comfort

drowning in the salt of this ocean

my words are dead when they reach you

you, a girl like a wrecked ship

so gone twisted rotted dead

no love can resuscitate you

we must be content to plunder your ruins

sunday morning and you lie across my bed

hair gold and silver on the sheets

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

winter blues

i cannot crave your body
as much as i crave the summer sun

xanax kiss

i remember when

every breath i breathed

i breathed for you alone

and now you're gone

i have a lot of panic attacks

and hey, i didn't want to be the girl

breathing just to blow up your balloon

but this pain in my chest is just as bad

as anything you ever caused me

my heart beats fast from adrenaline now

not the sight of your smile